31 Le spécialiste de l’éveil musical INSTRUMENTS FROM AROUND THEWORLD RAINSTICKS, OCEANS DRUMS 086,&$/ INSTRUMENTS RAINSTICKS Audio extracts L.25 L.50 L.75 L.100 Cactus rainstick* L Ref. 25 cm 70790 50 cm 3658 75 cm 3987 100 cm 71344 *Variable sizes - Visuals not contractually binding Traditionally made The rainstick, which can be found in many places around the world (Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Madagascar, etc.), is a one-of-a-kind sounding object, with a definite poetic touch, which conjures up the rain song, the swishing of water... Many musicians, and in particular percussionists, use it to create atmospheres. Some storytellers also use it as a ritualistic sounding object... Video extract Made from gathered, uncut cactus (pursuant to international green legislation), these rainsticks contain pebbles from volcanic rock and produce a trickling sound. The cactus is grown in the pre-Andes Cordillera in northern Chile. They reach an average height of around 3 metres, they grow in a semi-arid region where they are moistened by a sort of mist from the sea, known as the “camanchaca”. This type of semi-arid ground ensures they subsist and craftspeople from the region create these musical instruments by using typical traditional manufacturing techniques. *colours not contractually binding Ø Ref. 20 cm 70624 25 cm 70625 35 cm 9339 40 cm 9451 Ocean drum 7KH RFHDQ GUXP LV DQ LQVWUXPHQW WKDW SURGXFHV D ULFK YDULHW\ RI VRXQGV *HQWO\ RU YLJRU ously tilt and shake this drum and rediscover the soothing or choppy sound of the sea. The beads inside move around under the natural rawhide and reproduce the swell to perfection. Take to the seas with this unique, magical instrument... Video extract F U Z E A U L I N E