30 WIND INSTRUMENTS RECORDER, OCARINAS 086,&$/ INSTRUMENTS Best-seller Audio extracts and videos -D]]R ø XWH The transparent tube helps children understand the phenomenon of high and low pitches (bass and treble). Made from plastic Ø 2.2 cm - L. 26 cm (closed) Perfect for illustrating a musical tale Ref. 2552 lefthand righthand Alto recorder Three-piece alto recorder with EDURTXH ÷ QJHULQJ VHPL ULJLG FDVH L. ± 47 cm Train whistle* Made from painted wood Ø 3.5 cm - L. 16 cm Slide whistle Made from reed Ø 1.5 cm - L. 12 cm (closed) Soprano recorder Three-piece soprano recorder with baroque or modern ÷ QJHULQJ VHPL ULJLG FDVH L. ± 32 cm Ref. Baroque 8264 Modern 8265 Apito de samba The apito de samba is a whistle which is traditionally made in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. It is a 3-tone instrument which, if you modulate the 3 notes, you will create a colourful atmosphere just like the Brazilians do. To reproduce the authentic sound of a steam train! *colours not contractually binding Terracotta ocarina* The ocarina is a thousand-yearold terracotta instrument which represents the four elements of nature: the earth, water which gives clay its form, fire for baking and air through musical notes... Ref. L. 10 cm 71480 What’s the difference between the EDURTXH ø XWH DQG WKH PRGHUQ ø XWH" Did you know? The only difference is the way the F is played. To get a F with the baroque ć XWH \RX KDYH WR FRYHU WKH % $ * ) ' KROHV ZKLOVW ZLWK WKH PRGHUQ ć XWH RQO\ WKH % $ * ) Discover all our tips on Video extract Ref. 8276 Ref. 70776 Ref. 7765 Ref. 7009 F U Z E A U L I N E F U Z E A U L I N E ~_ 10 cm