32 MUSICAL CURIOSITIES DJEMBES 086,&$/ INSTRUMENTS MALI DJEMBES Audio extracts large: Ø 36 cm H.43 small: Ø 23 cm H.31 mini: Ø 18 cm H.54 medium: Ø 29 cm H.62 SENEGAL DJEMBES large: Ø 32 cm H.36 small: Ø 20 cm H.19 baby: Ø 13 cm H.23 mini: Ø 17 cm H.51 medium: Ø 26 cm These djembes, made in the Mandinka region, are carved out of red wood (teak). H.62 N.B.: Variable sizes - traditionally made. N.B.: Variable sizes - traditionally made. H. Ref. 31 9395 43 9394 54 9393 62 9392 H. Ref. 19 cm 9390 23 cm 9389 36 cm 9388 51 cm 9387 62 cm 9386 Kangaba ethics The association contributes to sustainable development through a reforestation campaign and a commitment: “a djembe carved, a tree planted” by making sure species used are replanted: Lingué, Dugura, Guéni Over 17,000 trees planted in 10 years. Association for training craftspeople and for promoting arts of Mali. Create convivial sounds with an African rhythm