41 Le spécialiste de l’éveil musical Ref. 7535 Ref. 3053 Ref. 7145 Ref. 3052 Ref. 9893 Musigraf’ Musigraf’ is the perfect accessory for musicians who wish to draw musical staves easily. Its cursor system allows you to extend the 5 lines as far as you wish and to ensure alignment is perfect. Slate Front with 4 indelible staves, back blank. Rigid, resistant, LQGHVWUXFWLEOH 39& IUHH IRDP EDVH 7KH VODWH LV VL]HG WR ÷ W HDVLO\ into any schoolbag! Size 22 x 31 cm Board markers Beveled tip. Case in four assorted color. Brush to erase 39& VKHOO 5HYHUVLEOH UH÷ OO Foam / carpet block. Slate markers Fine tip “Effa’sec” Case in four assorted colors The + 7KH 0XVLJUDIè FDQ EH NHSW LQ D Ć OH attached via its two eyelets. Whiteboard Lightweight , rigid, i t can be set up easily. Can be used anywhere, anytime. Easy to clean, dry-erasable. Size 59.5 x 86 cm - thickness 20/10th Front: 6 indelible staves / Back: blank dry erase board! - The +Front / back! Front Back Ref. 7534 MUSICAL0$7(5,$/ Back Front Dry- erase slates! - F U Z E A U L I N E F U Z E A U L I N E