39 Le spécialiste de l’éveil musical MUSICAL INITIATION HISTORY OF MUSIC AUDIO %22.6 Extracts from the book... Full box set containing: - The book (160 pages) Part 1: Instruments Part 2: Musical ensembles - 200 instruments presented - 30 types of musical ensembles explained - 700 great performers mentioned - 150 orchestras and bands listed - 1,500 musical works referenced ÷ OPV UHFRPPHQGHG - 300 illustrations to discover - 3 audio CDs - 160 extracts of instrumental solos - 30 orchestral extracts The world of instruments from the origins to the present day An extensive overview of instrument practices to read, to watch and to listen to. From prehistory through to the 21st century, go on a journey from one continent to another following the footsteps of Music... Each instrumental family is studied through a game of connections: each modern-day instrument is associated with its prehistoric and/or ancient “ancestors” and its “cousins” from other countries around the world. Other topics included: UHIHUHQFHV WR ÷ OPV ZKHUH HDFK LQVWUXPHQW LV VKRZFDVHG - great virtuosos from the past and the present - repertoire masterworks NH\ ÷ JXUHV LQ LQVWUXPHQW PDNLQJ Ref. 6673 Pages 6-7 Pages 142-143 Page 127 The perfect tool for developing a broad musical culture! HSFBU!WJSUVPTPT Wjpmjo Ojddpmp!QBHBOJOJ Ifoszl!XJFOJBXTLJ Kptfqi!KPBDIJN Hfpshft!FOFTDP Qbcmp!ef!TBSBTBUF Fvhof!ZTBÚF Gsju{!LSFJTMFS Kbtdib!IFJGFU[ Obuibo!NJMTUFJO Kptfqi!TVL Tboeps!WFHI Ebwje!PJTUSBLI Zfivej!NFOVIJO Ju{bil!QFSMNBO Jtbbd!TUFSO Hjepo!LSFNFS Kbdrvft!UIJCBVE Wmbejnjs!TQJWBLPW Hsbse!QPVMFU Qjodibt![VLFSNBO Boof.Tpqijf!NVUUFS Qbusjdf!GPOUBOBSPTB Qjfssf!BNPZBM Bvhvtujo!EVNBZ Pmjwjfs!DIBSMJFS Sbqib’m!PMFH Nbyjnf!WFOHFSPW Mbvsfou!LPSDJB Ojhfm!LFOOFEZ Ijmbsz!IBIO Kb{{!wjpmjo! 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