36 LISTENING MUSICAL LISTENING AUDIO %22.6 FUZOMINO COLLECTION Based on the traditional game of dominoes, Editions Fuzeau has created two funfilled, interactive game boxes for everyone to enhance their listening skills. The concept is simple: listen, compare, assess and associate the sounds using the sound pen and the recordings included in the game. No musical knowledge required; countless game scenarios exist (possibility to check the correctness of the associations made). Additional pen Fuzomino Musique From the age of 5 2 to 6 players The 5 themes: Rhythms Musical styles Notes Instruments Melodies Each full pack contains: • 28 dominoes • 1 sound pen • 1 USB cable • 1 game rules* • 1 “game selection” card Size 27.9 x 11.3 x 7.5 cm Fuzomino Musique and Fuzomino Nature are box sets which propose 5 listening games each. Fuzomino Musique • Notes • Instruments • Melodies • Rhythms • Musical styles Fuzomino Nature • Pets • Wild animals • Birds • Ambiences • Everyday noises I compare, I assess and I associate! Ref. 71368 Ref. 71367 Fuzeau Exclusivity