34 INSTRUMENTS FROM AROUND THEWORLD DARBUKAS, BALAFONS 086,&$/ INSTRUMENTS Balafon Comes complete with 2 beaters. L. Ref. 8 keys 45 cm 9427 13 keys 62 cm 9428 Made with progressively-sized calabash (to create the sounding boards), wooden keys with bamboo frames and deer or goat skin cords (the most resistant skins). Pentatonic scale. L.62 L.45 8 keys 13 keys African musical keys Aluminium darbukas Synthetic skin Made in Turkey - Ø 15 cm - H. 30 cm - Ø 20 cm - H. 34.5 cm - Ø 22.5 cm - H. 39 cm H. Ref. 30 cm 9431 34.5 cm 1752 39 cm 1761 DARBUKAS Discover all our accessories on Audio extracts Fibre tamborim Small frame drum producing a dry, ringingout sound. Comes complete with a 3-pronged plastic drum stick and a key. Plastic drum-head. Ø 15 cm - H. 4.5 cm - 6 tie rods Panpipes A native instrument of the Andes, its notes are spread over two rows and are played VHSDUDWHO\ E\ WZR ø DXWLVWV ZKR PXVW UHVSRQG reciprocally to each other or play together for soloist rendition. Bamboo - Tuned in D 6-7 tubes - W. 12 cm - L. 32 cm Table-pentanonic steel-drum Originally from the West Indies, the “steeldrum” is made from barrels and produces low or high tones. Comes with 2 mallets. Indian crotales Used by dancers during festivals in the State of Gujarat in India. Ø 8 cm Ref. 70917 Ref. 9370 Ref. 3666 Ref. 3908