29 Le spécialiste de l’éveil musical MUSICAL CURIOSITIES OTHER MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS 086,&$/ INSTRUMENTS Ref. 70775 Ref. 78224 Ref. 78225 Ref. 4799 Ref. 5474 Ref. 9338 Ref. 4996 Whirly tube Hold one end of this plastic tube and twirl it above your head or in front of you. The faster the movement, the higher-pitched the sound will be. Size L. 100 cm Vibraslap Hold the bent metallic part and strike the ball with the palm of the other hand. Size L. 29 cm Octoblock Twirl the beater inside the octoblock rubbing up against eachwooden key: thiswill produce a melodic sound. Comes complete with a beater. H. 15 cm - Ø 10 cm Rattle* Size L. 13 cm - H. 13 cm Thunder tube Thunder tube. Shake the tube to shake the rod and reproduce the sound of the storm to perfection! Size l. 19 cmØ 9 cm L.of the stem 50 cm Size l. 22 cmØ 14 cm L.of the stem 50 cm Jew’s harp* Hold the instrument in your left hand then place it against your teeth which are opened (do not bite on it). Place your lips gently on the Jew’s harp then pluck the tongue (reed) with your ULJKW LQGH[ ÷ QJHU <RXU RUDO FDYLW\ FUHDWHV the melodious sounds. Size L. 8 cm *colour not contractually binding Audio extracts and video Extraordinary sounds Video extract Video extract F U Z E A U L I N E F U Z E A U L I N E Blowing isn’t quite like humming! Small and easy to carry around to produce amusing sounds anytime, anywhere. The top hole covered with a membrane produces acoustic vibrations. Hum or sing (don’t blow) into the largest end of the kazoo. Audio extracts KAZOOS Brass kazoo Size L. 12 cm Plastic kazoo* Size L. 12 cm *Colour not contractually binding Ref. 5000 Ref. 71481 Ref. 78230 Video extract F U Z E A U L I N E The set Set of 3 plastic kazoos. Ref. Set of 20 plastic kazoo 78246 The set NEW