27 Le spécialiste de l’éveil musical PERCUSSIONS WIND INSTRUMENTS DRUM, PIANOS UKULELE 086,&$/ INSTRUMENTS 086,&$/ INSTRUMENTS Ref. 78082 Ref. 78290 Ref. 78080 Roll battery Transportable electronic battery. Find all the sounds of a battery ... transportable! Supplied with headphones, sticks and pedal, this drum set offers ten percussions, a selection of musical styles and a recording function. Giant roll piano *LDQW DQG ø H[LEOH SLDQR NH\ERDUG Walking, running or dancing on a piano offers children another approach to this keyboard instrument This soft carpet, with colorful notes will be a real tool to enrich the sound awakening of the youngest. 49-key roll piano 49-key electronic and portable scrolling piano keyboard. Easy to transport, the roll up piano can EH SODFHG RQ DOO ø DW VXUIDFHV 0DGH IURP silicone, the keys are very pleasant to play. Multiple tones and demo music are available. Color Ukulele A real instrument, this ukulele is suitable for both young and old and allows you to learn music quickly and intuitively. Aquila Nylgut strings. Delivered with cover. :ĦTvĸÉvT߃ĶvóìóåÉvTßĶTì‡ĶĸĦTìīĐóĦĸThޑĶ¢ Ref. Natural wood 71168 Ref. red 71170 Ref. blue 71176 NEW