26 PERCUSSIONS TRIANGLES, CYMBALS, BELLS 086,&$/ INSTRUMENTS CYMBALS These easy to use and practical cymbals are suitable for collective and individual practice. Crash against another cymbal or strike with a mallet to produce a clear, metallic sound. *Colours not contractually binding Agogo bell* Made from painted metal with beater. Size 22 x 11 cm or 30 x 13 cm L. Ref. 22 cm 70780 30 cm 8296 Ø 15 Ø 20 Ø 25 L.22 L.30 Ø Ref. per piece 15 cm 71008 per piece 20 cm 71009 per piece 25 cm 71010 Video extract TRIANGLES Triangle suspended on a stand 15 cm :RRGHQ VWDQG QDWXUDO ÷ QLVKLQJ ZLWK EHDWHU The suspension systemprevents the triangle from spinning. L.19 Triangle Made of steel with beater. Ø Ref. 13 cm 8267 16 cm 8268 19 cm 8269 L.13 L.16 Must-have Crystal-clear and dazzling! Ref. 1428 F U Z E A U L I N E Ref. Set of 10 triangle 16 cm 78252 The set NEW