24 PERCUSSIONS GUIROS, CASTANETS 086,&$/ INSTRUMENTS L. 14 Audio extracts Guiro frog* This highly-audible small wooden instrument is used to imitate a frog’s croak. It produces an extraordinary result: rub its back with the scraper and listen... Made in Vietnam. Light, varnishedwood. Comes completewith a scraper. L Ref. 6 cm 9936 10 cm 9222 14 cm 9223 L. 6 L. 10 Just pick up and play to imitate the frog L.35 L. Ref. 13 cm 70783 35 cm 7570 L.13 Guiro Scrape the grooves to get continuous sound yet with varied intensity based on howyou use it. - L. 13 cm. Size Ø 4.5 cm. Double use! As a shaker and as a guiro. - L. 35 cm. Size Ø 7 cm. Comes complete with a scraper. Pao rose wood block 2 tones with beater. Size L. 18 x W. 6 x D. 4 cm 2 in 1! Tap and scrape to the rhythm L.20 Handle castanet Size L. 20 cm - W. 4.8 cm Finger castanets In wood. Ref. per pair 8275 Ø 5.7 Video extract *visual not contractually binding Ref. 635 Ref. 70774 Ref. 71179 Ref. 78294 xylophone 13 blade Created from high-quality maple wood, this musical instrument offers pure and delicate tones. 13 tuned blades (Anglo-Saxon notation from B2 to G4 ÷ [HG RQ D ZRRGHQ VRXQG ER[ 1DWXUDO ZRRG VXSHUE ÷ QLVK 6XSSOLHG ZLWK ZRRGHQ mallets. Sand-blocks The Sand-blocks are two wooden blocks with a sandblasted surface. Just rub or hit them against each other for a shaker or slam sound. F U Z E A U L I N E F U Z E A U L I N E F U Z E A U L I N E NEW