23 Le spécialiste de l’éveil musical PERCUSSIONS SOUNDBELLOWS® 086,&$/ INSTRUMENTS Set of 8 notes Basses diatonic. C2 to C3 Set of 5 notes Basses chromatic. C#2, Eb2, F#2, G#2, Bb2 Set of 8 notes Alto diatonic. C3 to C4 Set of 5 notes Alto chromatic. C#3, Eb3, F#3, G#3, Bb3 Diatonic Soundbellows® Chromatic Soundbellows® From the age of 3 Soundbellows : an original melodic instrument! This is a range of tuned sound blasts (horn type)available in diatonic or chromatic tuning. Just press the lower part to obtain a sound which corresponds to a correct pitch: as for all our colourful instruments, C is red, D is orange, E is yellow, etc. You can play collectively by assigning each bellows to a player or alone by placing them in front of you on a table. Video Ref. 78222 Ref. 78223 Ref. 78220 Ref. 78221 Jouer des mélodies avec un son unique ! A fun team game!