21 Le spécialiste de l’éveil musical PERCUSSIONS PIANOT’, GLOCKENSPIEL 086,&$/ INSTRUMENTS From the age of 4 The Pianot’ comprises: - 2 chromatic octaves from A4 to A6 - 25 keys in the colours of a piano keyboard. Children can create their own melodies and identify the keys played to play them again on a piano keyboard. - 2 beaters Developed in close cooperationwith themanufacturer, the Pianot’, designed for beginners, has manymerits. You can use your instrument in 3 different ways: • by playing simple melodies with the white keys • by using the black keys (pentatonic scale) • by using both keyboards (chromatic scale) Engraved keys Keys tuned ever-so precisely (The 44oHz) Foldable foot pegs offers optimal stability and amplified sound The Pianot ’ is a special ly-designed musical instrument for instrumental initiation. Its black and white coloured keys, just like a piano, invite children to create melodies and to reproduce them on a keyboard. Some teachers prefer to associate a colour code with each key to make identifying keys easier. Use (or not) the coloured stickers if you wish. Best-seller PIANOT’ 0\ ÷ UVW JORFNHQVSLHO WR OHDUQ WKH NH\ERDUG Video extract Light and easy to transport thanks to its carry-case with handle. Ref. 9878 Fuzeau Exclusivity Presentation video F U Z E A U L I N E