17 Le spécialiste de l’éveil musical PERCUSSIONS BOOMWHACKERS 086,&$/ INSTRUMENTS Pack contains: • 8 C4 to C5 Boomwhackers tubes • 5 double-sided datasheets comprising 2 learner levels (Easy, Expert) • 1 CD (64 tracks, + 1h of music) Delivered in a cardboard box set. Easy to use, even for non-musicians Hit music Pack of 8 tubes + 1 CD + coloured coded datasheets A full set for keeping the beat and reproducing 5 hit songs from Pink Floyd to Bruno Mars via Daft Punk. Original and easy to use, these tubes invite to discover an amazing one-of-a-kind musical melody. Hits to listen to, coloured tubes to share and to use by following the datasheet, songs that can be played by tapping the tubes on the ground, on part of the body or on an object. It’s a collective set, easy to use, even for non-musicians, and it boosts rhythmic learning skills. It’s as simple as ABC, just follow the datasheet using the colour codes with the help of background sound. In just a few minutes, become THE STAR of “Musical Tubes”. Flash your phone to watch the video demo Ref. 78258 1 NEW TITLE = BELLA CIAO replaces SEVEN NATION ARMY