16 PERCUSSIONS BOOMWHACKERS 086,&$/ INSTRUMENTS C The Boomwhackers pack is a set of 8 coloured tubes, tuned based on their length (C, D, E, F, G, A, B and C), a CD with 12 songs to play and 12 coded scores: you just need to tap a tube to get a pitch. The tunes cover various music genres (groove, dance, salsa, reggae, etc.), which you can play alone or with friends. It’s a collective set, easy to use, even for non-musicians, and it boosts rhythmic learning skills. Pack contains: • 8 C4 to C5 diatonic alto scale tubes • 15 coded datasheets • 1 CD (27 tracks – 46 min) Delivered in a cardboard box set. Just follow the colours and learn to play tunes in no time at all. Ref. 71005 Original music Pack of 8 tubes + 1 CD + coloured coded datasheets Reggae Salsa pop Groove Dance Ethnic Rock Heavy metal