15 Le spécialiste de l’éveil musical PERCUSSIONS BOOMWHACKERS 086,&$/ INSTRUMENTS Set of 28 boomwhackers + 1 bag + 16 octavators It contains : - 3 boomwhackers in C, 1 in C#, 3 in D, 1 in D#, 3 in E, 2 in F, 2 in F#, 3 in G, 1 in G#, 3 in A, 2 in Bb, 2 in B, 2 in C2, 16 octavators and 1 bag included. Réf. 78034 Réf. 8337 Réf. 3668 BOOMWHACKERS To hit on the ground, on a part of the body, on as object... 63 cm 30 cm Boomwhackers alto diatoniques Do4 à Do5. Réf. 3460 Réf. 71372 Réf. 78293 Réf. 4763 Boomophone full case Just insert the tubes into the elastic slots of the fabric case. Easy to carry. Composed of the diatonic viola range (C4 to C5) C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C + 2 mallets. Capsule or “Octaveur” Adapt the capsule to one end of the tube to obtain the note of a lower octave. 46 cm 14 cm 2 cm Bag for Boomwhackers 7KLV EDJ LV VSHFL÷ FDOO\ GHVLJQHG WR VWRUH XS to 28 tubes! The interior compartments keep them upright. Delivered empty. Backpack Boomwhackers A backpack to store and transport Boomwhackers. Made of thick nylon with reinforced handles and seams, this bag has two large zipped compartments that can hold up to the 63cm bass alto C tube. This bag can hold until 65 tubes! (Boomwhacker tubes not included). Storage 13 holes For boomwhackers. &RPSDFW ÷ EHU NEW