14 PERCUSSIONS TAMBOURINES 086,&$/ INSTRUMENTS Ref. the set 71187 6\QWKHWLF ÷ EUH VNLQ WDPERXULQH with jingles With 4 pairs of jingles. Resistant and HDVLO\ ZDVKDEOH V\QWKHWLF ÷ EUH VNLQ Set of 4 coloured wooden tambourines From the age of 3 Set of 4 percussions with painted wooden surfaces. They can be used as hand drums or as table drums (with the beater). 4 colours offering 4 different pitches. Yellow Ø 16 cm - Red Ø 18 cm Green Ø 20 cm - Blue Ø 22 cm Includes 2 beaters and activity sheet. Ø 15 TAMBOURINES A percussionist’s instrument, the tambourine sets the pace for music and dances... This classical yet highly-prized musical instrument will please everyone! Ø Ref. 20 cm 571 25 cm 572 30 cm 578 Ø Ref. 15 cm 593 20 cm 3991 25 cm 590 Ø Ref. 15 cm 70626 20 cm 70627 Natural rawhide drum-head tambourine without jingles, with clamping screw Wood hooping, clamping screw + wrench. Comes complete with a beater. Natural rawhide drum-head tambourine with jingles Wood hooping, clamping screw (only for Ref. 3991 and Ref. 590) + wrench. With pairs of jingles. Best-seller Ø 20 Natural rawhide drum-head tambourine without jingles Wood hooping. Comes complete with a beater. Ø 15 Ø 15 Genuine sound guaranteed! Ref. 70794 F U Z E A U L I N E Ref. Set of 10 tambourine Ø 15 cm (ref. 593) 78249 The set NEW