13 Le spécialiste de l’éveil musical PERCUSSIONS BONGOS, CAJÓN 086,&$/ INSTRUMENTS Best-seller Bongo Natural rawhide drum-head. Wooden drum barrels. Sturdy clamping system with wrench. Size Ø 16 and 20 cm x H. 17 cm Bongo base stand Size H. 90 cm mini - 140 cm max. Cajòns Size H. 30 cm - 26 cm. Size H. 38 cm - 26 cm. Photo not contractually binding Perfect for discovering rhythm Ref. 7147 Ref. 7154 Replacement hides* 2 natural rawhides for bongo drum-heads. Bongo bag Padded inside to ensure the instrument is optimally protected. Size L. 44 cm x W. 24 cm x H. 20 cm ACCESSORIES 7KH UHSODFHPHQW KLGHV RQO\ ÷ W RQ WKH ERQJR SUHVHQWHG LQ WKH FDWDORJXH Ref. 7155 Ref. 7763 Kids size cajons! These instruments will allow a real collective rhythmic practice 30 cm 38 cm 30 cm Ref. white 71294 Ref. white 71297 Ref. orange 71295 Ref. orange 71298 Ref. green 71296 Ref. green 71299 F U Z E A U L I N E