12 PERCUSSIONS CUTAWAY JINGLE TAMBOURINES, JINGLE STICKS, BODHRAN 086,&$/ INSTRUMENTS L. Ref. 33 cm 8274 L.33 Cutaway jingle tambourine Natural varnished wood. With pairs of jingles. Ø Ref. 20 cm 582 25 cm 587 CUTAWAY JINGLE TAMBOURINES Ø 25 Ø 20 Jingle stick - PVC L. 33 cm. 6 pairs of jingles - Wood L. 22.5 cm. 4 pairs of jingles Audio extracts This musical percussion instrument keeps to the beat! Its slimline edging ensures optimal grip for children to shake or beat the instrument really easily. Based on the desired sound, children can use it in different ways and vary the rhythm and pace. The cutaway jingle tambourine will become a must-have for beating time to dances and songs... Shake and beat to the rhythm Ø 35 Bodhran Beat its natural rawhide with the beater held at the centre so that both ends bounce of the drum. The hand that holds the instrument can be used to modify hide tension to vary the pitch of the tones. - Ø20 cm - Lightweight bodhran for children. Comes complete with a basic beater. - Ø 35 cm - Traditional Irish musical instrument. Comes complete with a beater (stick or tipper) and protective cover. Ø Ref. 20 cm 9299 35 cm 9350 F U Z E A U L I N E